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Florida Vehicle Title Replacement: Get a Duplicate FL Title

Looking to get a Florida (FL) car title replacement or duplicate? Click here to read about the Florida replacement title process.
Florida Vehicle Title Replacement: Get a Duplicate FL Title | PutInTheVIN.com

Is there a problem with your vehicle’s Florida title? Was it misplaced, damaged, or stolen? If so, you should apply for a duplicate Florida title.

If you ever intend to transfer ownership of your vehicle, having the title in order is important. This is the legal document that proves you own the vehicle. You can’t sell it, donate it, or complete your vehicle registration or renewals without it, so keep it safe!

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) keeps titles in either paper or electronic format.

  • An electronic title is one that is stored digitally. It cannot be misplaced or stolen because it does not exist on paper. Typically, new vehicles with electronic titles are financed. The title can remain electronic after the loan is paid off. If you have an electronic title, you may only need to have it printed if you want to transfer ownership of the vehicle.
  • Paper titles are kept in paper form by the vehicle owner or lien holder. These can be misplaced, stolen, or damaged and must be replaced in such cases.

How can I get a duplicate title when my vehicle was last titled in Florida?

Replacing/Duplicates Online

If your title is electronically held, you can request that it be printed and mailed to you by visiting the state website (GoRenew.com) or through eTags.com.

eTags.com offers a duplicate title service with additional benefits when compared to ordering a duplicate title from the state website. Here are some key points to remember:

  • Only requests to print and mail an electronically held title will be processed through the state website. Both requests (print an electronically held title or duplicate a paper title) can be handled by eTags, but identification must be emailed or uploaded via the provided upload page. Mail or faxed copies are also accepted by eTags.
  • Shipping costs vary depending on the website from which you order. The state website estimates a shipping time of 7 to 10 days for printed and mailed electronic titles. eTags services provide expedited processing and shipping for most titles. For an additional fee, a priority ship option is available.
  • When using the state website to print and mail an electronically held title, the title will be shipped to the current address on the DMV record. eTags can mail your title to any address after printing a digitally stored one or duplicating a paper one, but a document such as proof of residence or notarization may be required.

Replacing/Duplicates In Person

The following documents must be brought to a motor vehicle service center:

  • If your title is a paper title that was lost, stolen, or damaged: Bring a completed Application for Duplicate or Lost in Transit Reassignment for a Title Certificate (Form HSMV 82101)
    • If the title has two owners, both names must be signed on the application before it can be replaced.
    • If your title has a lienholder, include proof that the lien has been paid. Otherwise, have the lienholder complete an application form or provide a notarized lien document.
    • If your car title was stolen, you must provide a copy of the theft report.
    • If your vehicle is not titled with your current address, you must apply for a duplicate title in the address of your vehicle.
  • If you want your electronic title printed: the motor vehicle service center will give you an authorization form that varies by county.
  • Proof of Identity (Copy of Driver’s License, ID Card, Passport, etc.)
  • Proof of Lien Satisfaction (if applicable)
  • Proof of Paid Sales Tax, Title and Registration Fees (if applicable)
    • For more information regarding fees, please visit FLHSMV’s fees page.

It should be noted that fees are determined by the county in which you reside. To print or duplicate a title, many counties in Florida charge an additional fee in addition to the required state fee.

In Person Fast Title Service

In Florida, “Fast Title” is an additional, expedited service that allows you to receive your title on the same day. Fast Title is not available at all motor vehicle service centers, so call ahead to confirm if you need it.

If you request a title in person without the Fast Title service, the office will submit your application and the title will be mailed to you.

Replacing/Duplicates by Mail

If your title is currently in paper form and has been lost, stolen, or damaged, the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) department can provide you with a duplicate paper title by mail.

You must fill out the Application for Duplicate or Lost in Transit Reassignment for a Title Certificate (Form HSMV 82101) and submit it to the mailing address of your local tax collector’s office.

The title will be mailed to the address listed on your DMV record.

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